Australian Customers: GST

Since Conholdate is a division of Aspose Pty Ltd which is an Australian company, we need to collect GST for each order purchased by any Australian customer. The GST inclusive price for all Australian customers is the public retailing price plus 10%. Our purchase system automatically adds 10% to your total when you are at the final steps to check out and GST is present on the tax invoice that is sent to you with an order. We are happy to provide the GST inclusive price for your orders when you request a quote as well.

Our ABN is 99100069618.


European Customers: VAT

European customers sometimes asks for our VAT number. Since Conholdate is a division of Aspose Pty Ltd which is an Australian company, we do not have a VAT number.

United States Customers: Sales Tax

Some states have sales tax or economic nexus laws.  Conholdate must charge sales tax in states where we are considered to have an economic nexus.  We charge sales tax in the following states:


If you’re not certain if your orders should be sales tax exempt, then click the "exemption info" link beside your state for more information.

If your purchases are sales tax exempt, then please contact us with your exemption documentation and quote number to avoid being charged US sales tax on current and/or future orders. When possible, Conholdate recommends providing blanket certificates, to cover all orders, that remain in place until revoked in writing or by a tax authority.


For Reseller orders, the application of sales tax is based on the location of the Reseller and not the location of the customer.  If a valid reseller exemption certificate has not been supplied at the time of order, then US sales tax will automatically be applied to the order.  Please contact us if you need to submit a new or updated reseller exemption certificate.

United States Customers: W-9 form or W-8BEN form

American government agencies and educational organizations request us to fill the W-9 Form or W-8BEN Form. Since Conholdate is a division of Aspose Pty Ltd which is an Australian company, we do not have Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN). Instead Conholdate can supply a W-8BEN-E form which is used in place of the W-9 form for foreign entities. To request our W-8BEN-E form please contact our sales staff.

All Customers: Tax Withholding

We do not participate in any withholding tax schemes. Section 4.4 of the EULA which states we require payment for our products "net of tax" which means payment must be made in full without any taxes deducted. If you were told that you need to withhold tax when you buy products from Conholdate, please make sure to contact our sales staff to discuss before you do that.


If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our sales support who will be glad to assist.