Upgrade Policy

An order can be upgraded at any time as long as your maintenance subscription has not expired. The full cost of your original purchase is credited towards the cost of the upgrade, this means you pay the difference between the upgrade order and your original order. Only one order can be used as credit for an upgrade.

Although you can upgrade at anytime there is an advantage to upgrading earlier:

  • Upgrade within 90 days of purchase or renewal: The maintenance expiry date of your subscription resets so it will be active for another full year.
  • Upgrade during your subscription: The maintenance expiry date of your subscription does not change so it will remain the same as the original order.
  • Upgrade within the last 90 days of your subscription: You will be required to renew your maintenance subscription in addition to purchasing the upgrade. With this addition the maintenance expiry date of your subscription resets so it will be active for another full year.
What is an upgrade?

The following situations are upgrades.

  1. Upgrading from a lower pricing plan of a product to a more expensive plan of the same product. For example, one can upgrade from Conholdate.Total for .NET Developer Small Business license to Conholdate.Total for .NET Developer OEM license. Note that you cannot upgrade from a lower pricing plan of one product to a higher plan of a different product. For example, one cannot upgrade from Conholdate.Total for .NET Developer Small Business license to Conholdate.Total for Java Developer OEM license.
  2. Upgrading from individual products to Conholdate.Total Product Family. If you have bought a license for any product then you can upgrade to Conholdate.Total Product Family of the same or a larger license type.

To upgrade an existing order

  1. Make sure you are signed into the account that the original order was purchased under otherwise it won't show up in your past orders list.
  2. Navigate to Upgrade an Order and select the order to upgrade then follow the steps from there

Upgrade cases can be complicated. If your order is missing from the list or if you cannot upgrade your existing order using the purchase system, then please visit with our friendly sales staff and we will try to sort it out manually.


If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact our sales support who will be glad to assist.